Interior inclusions

Exterior inclusions

  • 1x personal entry door on the passenger side of van that is ADR approved
  • 1x LED exterior Awning light on outside of van (passenger side of the van near personal entry door)
  • 2x storage compartments. These are drawers that pull out and are accessible from the rear tail gate area of the van
  • 1x length of aluminium ‘sail track / awning track’ attached to passenger side of the van for awning to attach
  • 1 x Awning, 2 tent poles and ropes
  • 1x opening roof vent with LED lights in

The wall panelling used by RETRO RV is the same technology
used by WINNEBAGO and JAYCO. Our wall panelling is fibreglass composite panel insulated with 25mm thick polystyrene which results in an extremely strong, lightweight panel that has excellent waterproof and insulation properties.


The following parts are brand new in each of our RV’s when they are restored: Fuel pump, fuel hoses, fuel filter, radiator, coolant hoses, clamps, overflow bottle, expansion tank, water pump, thermostat, timing belt, timing belt tensioner and idler pulleys, spark plugs, full exhaust system including mufflers and catalytic converters, clutch disc and pressure plate, 4x tyres, front and rear wheel bearings, tie rods and tie rod ends, front and rear shock absorbers, center steering swivel pin, all 4 ball joints, brake booster, front brake discs and disc pads, rear brake shoes and brake drums, rear wheel cylinders and brake fluid.

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